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CEO | Lead Developer

I attended university for accounting, but found myself bored (obviously) while studying, so I taught myself how to write code!

I now have over 5 years of experience, and have built numerous websites, mobile apps, and software solutions across multiple industries.

To achieve personal financial success, I firmly believe in delivering unparalleled value to the marketplace, prioritizing the profitability of others before my own. As such, it is my goal to provide the most valuable services possible at the highest quality. I aim to help your business thrive and grow, and to take away the stress of being a business owner.

I have always had a desire to be an entrepreneur. Starting as a freelancer, I gradually acquired new skills until I felt ready to dive into establishing my own business.

Now, I am dedicated full-time to helping businesses optimize and automate their internal processes. I work closely alongside my team of talented designers to create websites, apps, and systems that make being a business owner easy.

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We create high converting websites and apps, that focus on automating repetitive, expensive, and time consuming tasks within your business.
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